Honoring Our Therapy Animals

Our therapy animal teams serve nationwide and around the world. They devote many hours to their service, sharing their empathetic spirits and friendly hearts with people in need. These dedicated volunteers affect so many lives, whether visiting children in a classroom, supporting staff and patients at a healthcare facility, comforting people after a crisis, or spending time with seniors in a residential care facility, just a few of the locations where therapy animal teams are found. Their impact makes a major difference in the lives of those they visit. This page honors their many contributions to communities where they serve.

A cat is being held in someone's arms and is being pet with a finger.
Drago the Siamese cat
A cat is being held in someone's arms and is being pet with a finger.
Drago the Siamese cat

Current Honors

Our deepest gratitude goes to the beloved pets who retired from Pet Partners therapy animal visits between April and June 2023.

Our heartfelt condolences go to the handlers, families, and communities who lost a valued therapy animal and whose loss we learned of between April and June 2023. The impact of their work will be felt for years to come.

Current honors lists are updated quarterly.

Additional Honors Lists

Due to the preparation and launch of our new website in spring/summer 2023, the lists for the 1st quarter of 2023 were not posted at the usual time. You may view these lists for January through March 2023 below.

In Tribute

We’re pleased to share the following tributes, courtesy of their handlers, to some of the amazing therapy animals who have served with Pet Partners.

Has your therapy animal retired or passed? We would be glad to share their story. Learn about submitting a tribute.

If you would like to honor a therapy animal who touched your life, please consider an honor or memorial donation in tribute to them.